Instructors: Dimo Kirilov & Tamako Akiyama (B/I)


1 July 2017, 11:30AM - 1:00PM


T.H.E Dance Company's Studio at Goodman Arts Centre

We can’t be expressive without being functional and we can’t be functional without being expressive. This class emphasises on body-mind coherence. As the connection between the body and the mind becomes more continuous, the movements display a corresponding continuity. Here, continuity is an outward manifestation of being in the moment.


This class will bring you through different types of qualities, volumes and textures, and teach you organic movement efficiency. Learn how to use adequate force to store and release energy and how to eliminate tension and blockages, allowing the body to move freely with limitless possibilities to express yourself in a safe way.

$25 / $20*

Limited concession tickets for students, NSFs and senior citizens.

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