Standard: $65 per day

Concession: $45 per day

Each day is a 3-hour session. Participants are encouraged to attend all sessions of each intensive.

Bones & Muscles Intensive


20 June – 22 June
2PM – 5PM
(Thursday, Friday, Saturday)


Miwa Okuno



In sculpture or illustration, there is often an inclination to begin from creating an outline of the skeleton of a body, before adding on the muscular expression, whether it is via the moulding of clay or sketching with a pencil.

Okuno has explored many genres of dance, but she finds the greatest freedom in using a visual arts approach in performance. In this sense, she is free from pursuing any particular method of movement. To her, the human body is largely divided into bones and muscles, and like a sculptor or an illustrator, she regards the body as a canvas on which she can work on a visual piece of art.

Through this 3-day workshop, Okuno will first heighten the participants’ awareness of their bones and muscles. Together with the participants, improvised movement using images and words will be explored through the separation of bones and muscles. This results in a disassembled body, which will be reassembled by the end of the workshop.

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Image by Mariko Miura

Hofesh Shechter Company Intensive


26 June – 30 June
10AM – 1PM
(Wednesday – Sunday)


Zunnur Zhafirah



This intensive delves into the movement language of world-renowned choreographer Hofesh Shechter. His style is raw and real – an essence of the human spirit without pretence, cutting the layers of artifice to reveal things for what they truly are; the raw truth.

The first part of this intensive will involve improvisation and a series of workouts in Hofesh style. The second part will be repertory and drawn from excerpts of SHOW which premiered and toured in 2018.

Hofesh composes the music for all his works. Hence, the beating heart and fuel of his choreographies will be experienced through this repertoire.

This workshop is conducted in association with Hofesh Shechter Company.

Recommended for professional dancers, dance teachers and full-time dance students who are interested in enriching their practice and training. Participants are encouraged to attend all 5 days.

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Image by Sam Coren