Help us support another decade of contemporary dance.

It has become increasingly difficult for us to rely entirely on sponsorships and grants, especially with the volatile economic climate and funding cuts.

As a growing Festival, we try our best to cultivate a healthy environment where everyone can work professionally and effectively, so that we can focus on bringing you a well-thought-out performance, class, workshop or talk that is excellently and sincerely executed. Yet oftentimes, sustaining such an environment means that we risk a financial deficit. For 2020’s Festival, we are aiming to raise SGD5,000 through your donations.

Why are we doing this? Because we believe that contemporary dance adds value to our wellbeing, and our Festival celebrates that. We view dance artists as professional jobholders who should be reasonably paid for their contribution to society. Beyond the aesthetics and physicality of the art form, contemporary dance promotes critical thinking, offers multiple perspectives, and pushes us to be more reflective about contemporary issues we face in the rapidly-changing world today.

We want to keep this Festival growing, soaring and contributing to society, and we want the next 10 years of contemporary dance to be even better than the past decade.

No amount is too small. Your donation will enable us to apply for the Cultural Matching Fund, which will match your contribution dollar for dollar.

As we are a charity with IPC status, you will be entitled to 250% tax deduction on any amount that you have donated to us. For instance, if you have donated $100 to us, $100 x 250% = $250 will be deducted from your taxable income next year. Please join us in making the 11th edition of M1 CONTACT Contemporary Dance Festival a great one.

Ways to Donate


To make a cheque donation, please make it payable to “T.H.E Dance Company Ltd.” and indicate at the back of the cheque that it is a donation towards M1 CONTACT Contemporary Dance Festival 2020.

If there is a particular Festival platform (e.g. DiverCity, M1 Open Stage etc), or specific cost (e.g. production, marketing, artist fees) that you’d like to support, please let us know, as we can arrange for your donation to be channelled directly to that platform or cost.

We’d appreciate it if you could mail your cheque to the following address:
T.H.E Dance Company Ltd.
90 Goodman Road, Goodman Arts Centre
Block M, #01-51
Singapore 439053

Alternatively, you can contact us and we can make arrangements to collect the cheque from you.


Powered by the National Volunteer & Philanthropy Centre (NVPC), is where you can choose to make either a one-time or a monthly donation to us through a convenient online giving platform. The minimum donation amount is SGD10. You can also champion our cause by starting a fundraising campaign for us!

If you would like your donation to be channelled directly to the Festival, or a specific platform or cost, please contact us.

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For donations via cash or bank transfer, kindly contact us for further details.

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We appreciate your contribution to the growth of this Festival. Thank you!