Grey Space


21 – 25 June 2021


Zoom (By invitation only)

Grey Space is a new three-year initiative created in preparation for the Festival’s future. This year, it is designed as a meaningful online meeting space for selected local and overseas artists supported by the Festival’s network of partners and collaborators to convene, define and share their practices and experiment ideas that highlight the fractured facets of modern living. With curatorial direction and artistic facilitation by Anthea Seah, physical explorations and potential collaborations will continue in 2022, eventually leading to selected full-fledged productions in the third year.

Artists selected for 2021’s Grey Space:

1. Zunnur Zhafirah (Singapore/Australia) – Supported by M1 CONTACT Contemporary Dance Festival/T.H.E Dance Company
2. Billy Keohavong (Australia/Laos)
3. Reisa Shimojima (Japan) – Supported by Odoru Akita International Dance Festival
4. KT Yau (Hong Kong) – Supported by Hong Kong Dance Exchange (H.D.X)
5. Tracy Wong (Macau) – Supported by Contemporary Dance Exchange (CDE) Springboard
6. Annamaria Ajmone (Italy) – Supported by Crossing the Sea
7. Moh Hariyanto (Indonesia) – Supported by Indonesian Dance Festival
8. Pakhamon Much Hemachandra (Thailand) – Supported by Bangkok International Performing Arts Market
9. Nguyen Chung (Vietnam) – Supported by Arabesque Dance Company

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