26 Jun 2020, Fri
27 Jun 2020, Sat
8pm – 9pm (GMT+8)


Zoom Webinar




Estimated Duration

Approximately 1 hour

Communication is the basis of coexistence between two or more beings.

It involves the exchange and learning of information. As we deal with our changing environment in the midst of this pandemic, experiencing and adapting to new ways of communication as the new “normal”, how do we use our “dance-body”, an important medium of nonverbal communication to establish new symbols and forms in the new digital age of the Coronavirus? How do we decode the new boundary between the virtual world and reality? How do we re-evaluate the importance of co-existence in such a time?




The performance is presented as part of #SGCultureAnywhere, supported through the Digital Presentation Grant by the National Arts Council.

Artistic Director & Choreographer: Kuik Swee Boon (Singapore/Malaysia)
Music Composer: Jing Ng (Singapore)
Lighting Designer (Original Staging) : Gabriel Chan (Singapore)
Live Visual Editor: Artania Raharso (Singapore)
Performers: Anthea Seah (Singapore) and Brandon Khoo (Singapore/Malaysia)
Moderator: Athelyna Swee
Technical Assistants: Ng Zu You
Assistants: James Koh and Kimberly Seah