Goh Shouyi

Co-choreographer (Asian Festivals Exchange)


Biography – GOH Shou Yi Goh Shou Yi first discovered his zeal for dance when he was enrolled into an all-male ballet class at the age of twelve. He completed his full-time dance education at the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA) and went on to further develop his craft at the State University of New York (SUNY) Purchase College Conservatory of Dance, with full scholarships awarded by the National Arts Council, Singapore. During his time in New York, Shou Yi had the opportunity to meet and train closely with many established artists such as Janet Panetta (Tanztheater Wuppertal). This affinity with dance also brought him to many other cities of Europe, Asia and Australia, exposing himself to many other styles of dancing and practices. Since his homecoming, Shou Yi was selected by Lianhe Zaobao as a “rising star to watch” (2015 艺术新星-照耀未来星空, 1 Jan 2015) in 2015.

Goh joined T.H.E Second Company in 2009, and has choreographed for its liTHE showcase in 2014-15; the M1 CONTACT Festival’s AFX platform in 2015 in collaboration with Seoul Dance Collection 2014 winner Kim Hwanhee and its premiere at Seoul Dance Collection 2015; the M1 CONTACT Festival’s Southeast Asia Showcase 2013, which toured to festivals in South Korea and Gothenburg in 2016 – a collaboration with fellow Singaporean dance artist Zhuo Zihao. Most recently, he participated as a choreographer in Toy Factory’s PRISM (2017).

Goh has been choreographing, performing, teaching independently, and also remains to date, one of the core dance artists and choreographers of T.H.E. Second Company. His values, beliefs and artistry have been shaped by his many interactions and experiences with artists, both local and abroad, with whom he was privileged to have met, worked and performed with.

A fervent believer of creating arts through movement – movement never lies.