Play a part in creating thought-provoking moments and a medley of experiences for our society today…


The news is out. This year’s budget reduction has resulted in a dip in funding. And we can’t help but feel the pinch of the recent cuts.


With the volatile economic climate which makes it difficult for us to rely entirely on sponsorships and grants, we hope to seek support from arts lovers like you who believe in our cause. As much as we love to bring you affordable and enjoyable shows, classes and workshops, we also hope to be able to provide better conditions for our local and overseas guest artists, who have invested crazy hours of hard work, time and sweat in their art.


Beyond the aesthetics and physicality of the art form, contemporary dance promotes critical thinking, offers multiple perspectives, and pushes us to be more introspective about life – these are essential skills for our rapidly-changing society to flourish.


As a non-profit organisation, we’d really like to run the Festival as best as we can without incurring too much of a deficit. Although this may be just a small fraction of our total Festival expenditure, we are aiming to raise SGD5,000 through your donations.


Think of it as a personal investment in our culture. A contribution to the society that we will live in tomorrow. A seed planted so that the impact of the arts can be more tangibly felt in the future.


No contribution is too small. Any amount you donate will go a long way towards offsetting our current costs. What’s even better is that your donation will enable us to apply for the Cultural Matching Fund, which will match your donation dollar for dollar.


Would you like to play a part in creating thought-provoking moments and a medley of experiences for our society today?





(As we are a charity with IPC status, you will be entitled to 250% tax deduction on any amount that you have donated to us. For instance, if you have donated $100 to us, $100 x 250% = $250 will be deducted from your taxable income next year.)