by The Human Expression (T.H.E) Dance Company (Singapore)

Uncannily orange, enrapturing, and microcosmic: dive deep into the relationship between the modern being and their world, told through an intrinsic movement web steeped in T.H.E’s signature HollowBody methodology.

Photos by Crispian Chan


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15–17 June, 8PM
18 June, 4PM

The shows on 15 and 16 June are accompanied by post-show dialogues.

Standard: $40
Concession: $28

Live, In-venue
Esplanade Theatre Studio

Estimated Duration
Approximately 90 minutes

Accessibility Notes:
Haze effects, and extremely loud and high-pitched sounds will be used in the performance. This venue is wheelchair-accessible. If you require support to access the venue, are pregnant, or have mobility or related issues, and would like to request to reserve a chair, please get in touch with us at

This programme features an immersive audience seating arrangement. You are advised to dress comfortably. Haze effects and extremely loud, high-pitched sounds will be used in the performance.

A simmering tension brought to the fore— an eruption, an implosion. Man finds himself amidst a jungle of steel and concrete while the natural world decays and global chaos threatens to upend. Look out, look carefully; what do you see?

After a successful virtual reality (VR) adaptation and tour during the pandemic, and a performance run in London last year, PheNoumenon returns to its premiere stage with a renewed invitation to look in, closely. Step into a world imbued with memories, destabilised by our present, and marred by consequences: PheNoumenon promises you a dystopian portrait that is startlingly resonant, and reflective of the social, spatial, political, technological, and environmental dynamics of our time.

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