Dance at Dusk


22 - 24 June 2018, 7PM & 8:30PM


Esplanade Outdoor Theatre



Venture out of the indoor spaces as the Festival takes contemporary dance to the Esplanade Outdoor Theatre, along the Marina Bay waterfront. Featuring the dance and circus wizardry of Swiss comapany Ici’bas alongside excerpts from T.H.E’s principal and second companies, this free event spread over three evenings is perfect for families, and anyone curious about contemporary dance. Enhance your appreciation of dance with useful insights shared by T.H.E’s dancers in this specially curated programme.


L’envers by Company Ici’bas (Switzerland)

Choreographers: Julien Brun & Christine Daigle

Performers: Christine Daigle & Mathias Reymond

A glimpse of madness on the street corner. A circle of artificial turf where an acrobat and a dancer take the space by inviting the passerby to stop and take a deep breath of fresh air. A small cosy area that recalls nature’s serenity, in which we can freely loose track of the rest of the flock.

This meadow full of imagery then becomes a battlefield as well as a playground. A space-time between dog and wolf; between childhood and adulthood; between creative and destructive impulses; between dance and circus. A story to drink standing up while lying on the grass.


Excerpts from repertoire by T.H.E Dance Company & T.H.E Second Company

Including Present by Kim Jae Duk and Helix, in Progress by Kuik Swee Boon.


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