Dance Kopitiam

Dance Kopitiam


Saturday, 12 June 2021, 3pm



Dance Kopitiam is back again!

It’s 2021, and many of us find ourselves pulled in both virtual and physical directions with new and fast-changing regulations. Let’s take a break, chat, strategize, support each other, and move forward as a community.

This event is a free-to-attend online gathering (BYO kopi and teh) for anybody who takes part in the concerns of present and future developments of the dance ecosystem. Friends, colleagues and stakeholders in the dance community – let’s raise and discuss current ongoings and concerns that are relevant to the many roles and specialisations that we have as dance practitioners: creation, teaching, collaboration, performance and more…

Dance Kopitiam is supported by M1 CONTACT Contemporary Dance Festival and organised by local dance practitioners.

Event has ended