Instructor: Ruri Mito (I/A)


21 July 2018, 2:00PM - 3:30PM


T.H.E Dance Company's Studio at Goodman Arts Centre

Characteristics of Ruri Mito’s movement are the body that is fully under control of consciousness and slow movements in which the body metamorphoses at a constant speed.
The class starts from a training to feel and grasp the floor with the whole body. Then, a dance sequence based on Mito’s repertoire comes after the training, In the sequence, dancers must be conscious of every movements and control the floor, line, path, and speed. All movements and energies come together and create one flow that is very slow. It is time to deeply concentrate one’s body. Looseness or unconsciousness doesn’t exist most the time. The body slowly and consistently flows like in the space.

$25 / $18*

Limited concession tickets for students, NSFs and senior citizens.

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