2021Nobuyoshi Asai
July 30, 2021

Of [Peeping Garden] and Butoh Workshop by Nobuyoshi Asai

Return To Blog Of and Butoh Workshop by Nobuyoshi Asai If you have an hour,…
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2021Rebecca Margolick
July 26, 2021

A heart for the community – A conversation with Rebecca Margolick

Every name’s a story. Join Rebecca Margolick, choreographer and performer of Bunker+Vault, as she shares how…
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2021Jung Bokyung
July 21, 2021

Tradition in Evolution – A conversation with Jung Bokyung

Each year, M1 CONTACT Contemporary Dance Festival gathers and connects artists from around the world.…
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2021Ji Kyungmin
July 16, 2021

From [Playing Stone] to [Landing Error] by Ji Kyungmin

Watch Ji Kyungmin from Goblin Party reminisce about his time in Singapore as he shares…
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2021Ravid Abarbanel
July 1, 2021

A Shared Home for Dance: A conversation with Ravid Abarbanel 

Through M1 CONTACT Contemporary Dance Festival, we have made many friends throughout the years. Many…
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2021Fabio Liberti
June 30, 2021

“[Solo for Real] is a chance to talk about mental issues” – A conversation with Fabio Liberti

The outbreak of the coronavirus has affected many areas of daily life, including mental health.…
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2021Alice Ma
June 28, 2021

From the stage, to the streets, to a 360° dance video: – A conversation with Alice Ma

Due to the pandemic, the luxury of travelling has temporarily taken a pause. While the…
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2021Olé Khamchanla
June 10, 2021

“The Power Of One’s Mentality” – A conversation with Olé Khamchanla

We kickstart our Festival blog this year with Olé Khamchanla, Festival Director of Fang Mae…
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