Simon Kuban


(Czech Republic)

A freelance dancer and choreographer since 2014, Simon Kuban has created for Ballet Prague Junior and co-choreographed projects presented in Czech republic and Lithuania. In 2015, he created choreography for Bohemia Ballet, joined the Vortice Dance company for its Portugal and Brazil tour, danced and assisted the choreographer Jan Kodet for Romeo and Juliet (the Summer Shakespeare festival), created two works for Golden Prague festival (Official award ceremony, Contemporary night), and performed Jean-Charles Gil’s newest production for Ballet d´Europe in France. In 2016, he performed with Vortice Dance Company in Portugal, danced with Loser(s) Cirque Company, taught at the prestigious International Contemporary Dance Workshop in Prague, and joined Burki&Com for PAMS in South Korea. An experienced contemporary dance teacher, he has given numerous workshops across the Czech Republic and Israel, and is on the jury of an international youth festival.