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REPOST: M1 CONTACT Contemporary Dance Festival

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Photo by  Bernie Ng


Contemporary Dance Festival

Written by Ezekiel Oliveira from FiveLines

“This year’s edition looks back into its rich past performances and brings forward critical works from different seasons.”

Ezekiel Oliveira

[Ezekiel Oliveira] often describe[s] contemporary dance as a huge umbrella under which collaborative art-forms and choreography sit interconnected in a complex web of artists, performers, and thinkers. It encompasses the theatrical and the theoretical, as well as the best-known representation of choreography – abstract movement.

Ezekiel’s highlights for this year


Adele Goh

DiverCity | 3 & 4 July | 8pm | $25 / $18* / $10^

Esplanade Annexe Studio

*Concession tickets ^ Standing Mezzanine

I look forward to seeing Adele Goh’s work on stage with DiverCity. I have followed her successful career for the last five years with Frontier Danceland, and I am always surprised by how she continually reinvents herself with utter determination, embodying ideas and movement from other choreographers with absolute perfection. With her chameleon-like approach to performance, she can quickly look like an underground animal, a humanoid or float above the floor like a weightless feather.

M1 Open Stage | $25 / $18* / $10^

Esplanade Annexe Studio

*Concession tickets ^ Standing Mezzanine
  • Programme A 18 July 2019 8pm
  • Programme B 20 July 2019 3pm
  • Programme C 20 July 2019 8pm

Choreographer and writer Bernice Lee has been working on Ghosting: Indelible in the Hippocampus for quite some time and I remember seeing the beginnings of this intensely personal performance a year ago – go watch. (20 July, 3 PM).

I am curious about Hemabharathy Palani in Trikonanga, and Ignoramus by Kim Hoyeon and Lim Jungha with rising-star Hwa Wei-An. (20 July 8 pm).

“M1 Open Stage encompasses the spirit of a fringe festival to the fullest, presenting three distinct programs with four different pieces/artists each night. Pick your favourite or go to all.”

Ezekiel Oliveira

Ghosting: Indelible in the Hippocampus.
Photo by Jeff Low
Trikonanga. Photo by Arvind
Ignoramus. Photo by Crispian Chan
Michelle Lim.
Photo by Kurt Csolak
Syimah Sabtu

Off Stage | 16 & 17 July | 8pm | $8 / $5*

T.H.E Dance Company’s Studio

*Concession tickets

Off Stage unleashes new names in the dance arena, it’s refreshing to see new faces making choreography. Michelle Lim, a graduate from The Juilliard School, presents H O M E S I C K and Syimah Sabtu presents H A S E R.

Mr. Sign | 19 July | 8pm | $38 / $23*

Esplanade Theatre Studio

*Concession tickets

Mr. Sign by Kim Jae Duk with T.H.E Dance Company returns to the festival. You have probably seen the company in previous editions, the dancers are always refreshing, fierce and determined. This time, taking the stage with a score arranged by Kim featuring a peculiar ensemble of influences from Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake and Indonesian gamelan to traditional Korean trot music.

Mr. Sign is also a featured programme as part of Esplanade’s Feed Your Imagination (F.Y.I) 2019, a dedicated series for schools.

Mr. Sign. Photo by Bernie Ng

Ezekiel’s highlights for this year

Classes & Workshops | Intensives

Photo by Bernie Ng
Photo by Matron

Keep an eye out for Billy Keohavong’s class and contact improvisation with Shintaro Oue.

Zunnur Zhafirah will be running a Hofesh Shechter Company Intensive for those who like to groove and move to distinct beats of Schechter’s own musical compositions and repertoire.

Photo by Sam Coren

“[The festival] has the spirit and character of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, albeit with much nicer weather.”

Ezekiel Oliveira

M1 CONTACT Contemporary Dance Festival runs from 15 June to 21 July 2019
across Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay and T.H.E. Dance Company Studio at Goodman Arts Centre.
Full listings of the festival can be found here.
Find out more about the artists involved in this year’s edition of the festival here.

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