Jae Duk Kim

Choreographer (Earth)

(South Korea)

Kim Jae Duk graduated from the Korea National University of Arts with a BFA and MFA in Dance performance, and was a PhD candidate in dance studies at Sungkyunkwan University. In 2006, he participated in Taipei Young Festival as the representative of Korea, choreographing My Ground at the Taipei National University of Arts. He has also lectured on dance at Rambert School of Ballet & Contemporary Dance. Darkness Poomba, his most acclaimed work to date, premiered that same year. Since then it has been awarded: First Prize at Seoul Dance Festival 2008; “Honor of The Year” at Jeon-ju Dae-sa-seup Festival, and went on to be selected for Performing Arts Market in Seoul (PAMS) Choice; “Best Dance of the Year” by Korea Dance Forum in 2016.  Other key awards that Jae Duk has received include: First Prize at Seoul Dance Festival 2007 for Simchung Guyz; Young Dancer Award at The Modern Dance Promotion of Korea in 2010; the first Korean winner of the choreography award at Helsinki International Ballet Competition in 2016; for the work Sok-do named one the “BEST 5” of the year 2016 by The Korean Association of Dance Critics and Researcher; Special Jury Award at Seoul International Choreography Festival and Excellence Award at CJ Young Festival in 2017; IDD (International Dance Development) Award at Dance Vision Awards 2017, hosted by The Modern Dance Promotion of Korea.

Jae Duk has been Resident Choreographer of T.H.E Dance Company in Singapore since 2010. To date his international choreographic and performance projects have taken him across Asia (Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore), Europe, and Latin American (Netherlands, Belgium, Brazil, Argentina, Columbia). With his extensive international experience, Jae Duk founded Modern Table Dance Company in 2013 and currently serves as its Artistic / Creative Director and Principal Choreographer. Key projects thereafter include Tension Espacial choreographed and directed by Jae Duk on invitation from Argentina Nacional de Danza contemporánea in 2015, and Camping ete hosted by France’s Centre National de la Danse, attending as Korea’s representative. For 2017, he was active in NPO Dance Box in Kobe, Japan, New Zealand Dance Company, and Bale Teatro Castro Alves in Salvador, Brazil as a residency choreographer. Other works in his creation repertoire include: KickAwakeJoker’s BluesClockerSinawiSmile, and Earthquake.

At home and abroad, Jae Duk is one of the most sought after choreographers, creating cross-genre, interdisciplinary work. His dynamic curves, rapid movements, and ability to re-interpret traditional Korean forms in modern ways, are unique signatures of Jae Duk’s work. His talents also extend to music: in 2009, he participated as a vocalist for “Don’t want to fall in love”, the O.S.T for the movie “Dream” directed by Kim-Ki-duk, and he composes original music for almost all his choreographic work. His method of producing is more intuitive and ‘Dionysus’, than structural.