Boram Jun

Choreographer & Performer (Is There - Off Stage)

(South Korea)

Boram Jun is a dancer and choreographer from South Korea based in Seoul. She emphasizes on ‘rest’ as it opens her mind and gives space to transform. She studied dance and performing arts at Sungkyunkwan University. In 2009, she joined Arzid Modern Dance Company under the direction of Euisook Chung as an outstanding dancer. Through all these experiences Boram started to create her own work since 2015. As a choreographer, she confesses that creating art allows her to explore her inner¬†side deeply and better understands the texture of the body. As a result from being completely isolated, she created a choreography and was being¬† awarded at The 9th Seoul Dance Collection in 2015. She has recently developed an interest in the development between general actions and movements; and is discovering many ways to direct moves and encounter diversity. She loves specified motivation in movement occurrence.