Bora Kim

Choreographer (Asian Festivals Exchange)

(South Korea)

Kim Bora is an artistic director of Art Project BORA which is based on contemporary dance, film, performing arts, music, fashion, which accommodates a variety of genres in the art work and focuses on finding the various facet of unique expressive languages. Art Project BORA is a group that leads in the field of experimental work through the exchange of different genres.

Not only limit to having its performance in confined spaces such as theatres, Bora tries to find varieties of methods to connect with the audience through breaking the barrier of genres and space concepts. She also focuses on stimulating the senses of the audience by its creative choreography.

Since 2008, Art Project BORA has been active domestically in South Korea, as well as internationally such as Japan, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Finland, Slovenia, Germany, Austria, Italy, Mexico, Italy, Brazil, Uruguay etc.