International Artist Showcase


10 December 2016, 3pm and 8pm


Esplanade Theatre Studio

Inspired by his latest work titled The Weight of Force, Ross McCormack captures its essence in an adapted version for Singapore’s audiences. Spanish artist Elías Aguirre embraces the metamorphic processes of the mysterious insect kingdom, in a solo performance titled Longfade. Rounding off the platform is Je te haime, exploring the dichotomy of love and hate, by HURyCAN, consisting of Arthur Bernard Bazin and Candelaria Antelo.

*This programme is eligible for the Tote Board Arts grant subsidy.

Ross McCormack (New Zealand)

“… a fresh New Zealand dance voice (has arrived)”. The Listener

Inspired by his latest work titled The Weight of Force, an electrifying Ross McCormack captures its essence in an adapted version for Singapore’s audiences.

We follow a man, who could be a leader. A witness under the pressure of his surroundings. Everything in his world is alive, loud and a possible threat. We see the man’s heroic attempts to conquer his world and his objects, as live sound resonates and pierces through the cavernous space of the work.

The Weight of Force had its world première at the 2016 Hong Kong Arts Festival as a 35-minute work in the festival’s Asia Pacific Dance Platform VIII.  A full-length version is in development, and will premiere in 2017.

Watch the trailer for The Weight of Force:

More on Ross McCormack at:

Credits for The Weight of Force
Director, Designer, Performer: Ross McCormack
Composer: Jason Wright
Lighting Designer: Natasha James
Dramaturg: Melanie Hamilton


Elías Aguirre (Spain)

Longfade reflects, in terms of Spinoza (Dutch philosopher), a body that is conflictive and poisoned. This situation is prolonged in time enough to modify the body in essence and appearance.

He comes to learn to live poisoned – the rest of his life will be a repercussion of the time he became poisoned. He will never leave the poisoned process, but he will get stronger at the end in this state. Any action out of that state will only occur to die. Finally, he departs.

Watch the trailer for Longfade:

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Credits for Longfade
Music Designer: Peter Broderick & collage
Performer: Elías Aguirre
Original Lighting Designer: Sergio G. Dominguez and Elías Aguirre


HURyCAN (France/Argentina)

HURyCAN consists of Arthur Bernard Bazin (France) and Candelaria Antelo (Argentina).

Je te haime represents a learning process based on physical expressivity. A work that questions our limits and essential communication through movement. We try to discover who we are, boosting the relation with the spectator and our own existence in a communicative space, open for imagination and emotions. We believe in Dance as balance, human relation, mixture between identities, bodies, actions: a communicative and available language.

The work was awarded Best Dance Performance at the 27th International Theater and Dance Fair, Huesca (Spain).

Watch the trailer for Je te haime:

More about HURyCAN:!home/c1aa

Credits for Je te haime
Sound Designer : Candelaria Antelo
Performers: Candelaria Antelo and Arthur Bernard Bazin
Original Lighting Designers: Cristina Libertad Boivar, Candelaria Antelo, Arthur Bernard Bazin
Special thanks: Centro Coreografico de la Gomera, Centro de Danza Canal, Les Synodales, Michèle Wattez (Cie. Déambule), Martin Vaamonde

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