Arthur Bernard Bazin



Arthur’s beginnings were in drama in the outskirts of Paris, coached by Frederic Batiste. He then combined his drama background with visual arts in the University of Paris I, and graduated with a General University Diploma in Plastics Arts (DUG). In 2007, he furthered his studies at LA USINA school in Madrid. That same year, he collaborated as a dancer with Camille C. Hanson at LADINAMO DANZA dance company, and participated in LA PHARMACO dance theatre company’s first creation, El libro de los Venenos (directed by Maryluz Arcas), which received the MALAGA CREA and INJUVE prizes in 2009. That same year, he joined the Conservatorio Superior de Danza de Madrid (CSDMA). Arthur was invited by Sharon Fridman from Projects in Movement to collaborate in the creative process of Al menos dos caras and ¿Hasta Donde?, which won choreographic prizes in Spain, Germany and Cuba. He still works for the company to this day, and was the choreographic assistant in Rizoma (2012), Le Grand Bal (2013) and Caida Libre (2014). In 2010, he began research with Candelaria Antelo, they first created Discordio, which won the 1st Choreography Contest in Vallecas (Spain). The following creation Te Odiero, won awards in Spain, France and Germany. In 2013, they built their own company HURyCAN, and presented a new piece Je te haime, which won the 27th Feria Internacional de Huesca for Best Dance Performance. Untill today, both works have been touring across Europe, South America, Africa and Asia. In 2016, they start a new creation called Asuelto.